Your Prima membership means you have access to optometric consulting any time you need it. Our consultants have both the optometric industry experience and the subject matter expertise to help get your OD practice to the next level.

Dr. Neil Gailmard leads and guides Prima’s consulting and services. As a part of Prima’s vast services, you can consult with Dr. Gailmard around any number of topics or get daily feedback from Dr. Gailmard on Prima’s private Facebook page.


Neil Gailmard, OD, MBA, FAAO
President, Prima & Chief Optometric Officer, IDOC

Whether you want to meet with Dr. Gailmard, need help creating a marketing plan, want to better understand your P+L, or want to build a business based on continuous improvement, Prima is always here for you. Ongoing access to our top-notch consulting team is only $395 per month and there is never a contract.

The entire Prima team works every day to keep your business.

Practice Finance Consulting

The financial health of your practice is always your top priority. Prima offers members ongoing financial consulting and practice-building services. Our 3-Year Growth Plan helps you identify areas of improvement and puts you on a path to real growth.

3-Year Growth Plan

The Prima 3-Year Growth Plan is a powerful diagnostic and planning tool that we do for every Prima practice on an annual basis. The 3-Year Growth Plan will identify opportunities to increase profits and improve revenue growth, even for big practices that are doing well. The Prima 3-Year Growth Plan is not only a proven way to identify problem areas in practices with low net and tight cash flow, it’s also a great way to calculate your break-even point before you make a big investment such as buying equipment, building a new office or taking in an associate.


No time like the present to get on the path to growth. Call or email Nathan today!

Nathan Hayes, Practice Finance Consultant


T: 678.322.3751

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Staff Management

Staff management is often the most difficult but can be the most rewarding aspect of any practice. Our Prima consultant will equip you with terrific tools to ensure you get the most out of your current staff and hire the right people in the future. Prima will regularly consult with you about hiring, firing, job ads, employee manuals, and much more. We’re here to help you with whatever you need in order to have a happy and productive staff.

Prima has partnered with eSkill, a leading online job skill testing company, to develop our own custom online testing service. There are two parts to this service: personality assessments and skills testing. The personality assessment test uses a much-trusted system that places the candidate into one of four personality types: Powerful, Peaceful, Perfect and Playful. The test results will provide you with the percentage of answers that are in each category so you know the primary personality type as well as the rankings of the other types. We have also written a general guide for selecting the best personality types for various optometric job titles. The skills assessment test includes questions on a wide variety of topics such as basic math, customer service, medical office administration, logical thinking, communication skills, computer knowledge and more.

Member Resources Section

When you join Prima, you will gain access to the members-only section of this website. You will find many invaluable resources around all of our consulting areas, but especially HR and staff management. Everything from interview questions and job ads to background checks and employee confidentiality forms will be online and accessible when you need them.


Whatever your office or staffing needs, Steve Vargo, OD, MBA is here to help. Give Steve a call today!

Steve Vargo, OD, MBA, Optometric Pratice Management Consultant


T: 678-322-3759

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Most optometric practices need help with their marketing. Marketing drives the process of keeping your current patients happy and returning and also creates new patient demand. It can be time-consuming knowing where to start and how to implement, but that’s why Prima is here. We are here to help you achieve marketing success!

Prima’s marketing consulting is customized for each practice based on the specifics of your optometric practice, location, and clientele. We start with a phone consult with the doctor and/or manager to review the current state of the practice and the goals for marketing in the short and long term. Once we understand your practice and its goals, we will help formulate a marketing budget and calendar and develop the strategy.

Some projects require a budget and others are free or very low cost. Here are a few examples:

  • Social media as a practice marketing tool
  • Update the practice website
  • Video marketing on social media sites and the website
  • Better execution of email communication
  • Community outreach
  • Telephone recall
  • In-office signage
  • Reactivation strategies
  • Event marketing (truck shows, open houses, etc)
  • Advertising
  • Printed materials

Maddie will help you with all your practice marketing today!

Maddie Langston, Practice Marketing Consultant


T: 678.322.3756

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Vendor Programs

Since Prima and IDOC have come together, our member community has access to very strong discount and rebate opportunities on the materials you need to run your business.

When you join Prima and IDOC, you can choose from over 60 vendor programs.

For a complete list of IDOC vendor partners, click here. For a complete list of Prima vendor partners, click here.

Rebate amounts can range, but the average IDOC member receives about $4,600 in annual rebates (based on 2014-2015 data). To learn more about our vendor programs, contact us at 203.853.3333.